I Don’t Know Shit About Bicycles

I was born and raised in Portland, the unofficial (or maybe it is official?) cycling capital of the world, I spent many an hour riding around my neighborhood as a kid, and I’ve owned at least one bike throughout my entire life. And yet, I still couldn’t show you how to fix a flat tire if my life or journey home depended on it.


Last August I moved out of America’s most bike-friendly city to a city 3,000 miles away that ranks at number eighteen, a city that beat its record for most snowfalls during the winter that I moved here, and here I am embarking on a mission to revamp my old-ass craigslist bike.


Since I’m starting at the very beginning with this blog I feel like I should start at the very beginning with this bike. Here she is:



The stellar crew at Bicycle Revolutions will be my go-to team for all things maintenance and I will function as the cosmetic director…


Step 1: Make things pink.

Step 2: Actually learn how to fix a flat.


Not Another Fucking Food Blog

The internet advised me to write a “welcome” post and this is the closest I am going to get to that:


In the moments of life where I feel so completely destitute and alone, I will seek out mini projects or rituals to create some kind of purpose in my life. Currently, this includes fixing up a bicycle I bought on Craigslist two years ago, dedicating one post a month to reviewing a book I’ve recently read, and exploring every aspect of my current city from kitschy tourist attractions to centuries old cemeteries.


I hope to create a space of accountability for myself and entertainment for others. This is one case where accomplishing only 50% of my goals will be deemed a success.